Our Range.

Baking people happy since 1853, Balfours is loved for its premium and authentic recipes, offering an extensive range of quality savoury and sweet bakery products that are suitable for all types of occasions. From our golden flaky crusts to our sweet yeast pastries, the Balfours baked range offers something for everyone.

  • Savoury

    The classics! Well-loved favourites such as our iconic square pies, sausage rolls, gourmet snagbags and pasties to warm the heart and bring back memories of that first bite into a Balfours baked good.

  • Sweet

    From our iconic frog cake to the famous Balfours chocolate donut, Balfours baked goods has something for everyone.

  • Seasonal

    From our delicious Christmas pudding to the moist chewy goodness of our Easter Bun, Balfours loves catering to every season.