New Pastry Improvement

A new baking method means our savoury range has never tasted better!

At Balfours we take pride in producing the most delicious puff pastry we can, which is why we use a traditional French-style method where our pastry layers are laminated rather than chopped in.

Our bakers have recently been trialling different methods to this lamination process so we can achieve our goal of a new and improved pastry texture for our savoury range.

Traditionally, French Puff Pastry is produced with between 100 and 600 layers. During the lamination process, the amount of layers created determines how flaky the pastry will become.

As well as this, our baking team have a new and improved process which allows us the flexibility to adjust flake levels across our range of delicious savouries, improving the texture and integrity of them all.

So as a result, our pastry now has a more open and flakier texture than ever before! Have you tasted it yet?

We hope you enjoy!