For your chance to win a South Australian Discovery Parks Gift Voucher, simply purchase any 2 x Balfours products in one transaction from anywhere that stocks Balfours and enter your details here.


For more info on how to enter the competition, click here to let the Frog Cake and Cosi show you.


How do I enter the competition?

Simply purchase 2 Balfours products in one transaction from anywhere in Australia and enter your details here for your chance to win. Please include your receipt number and upload a photo of your receipt.

What can I win?

There are up to 1050 South Australian Discovery Park gift vouchers to be won.

50 Major Prize gift vouchers valued at $200, and 1000 Instant Win gift vouchers valued at 10% off.

What products are eligible to enter the competition?

All Balfours products purchased are eligible to enter the competition.

Where is the receipt number located on my receipt?

The location of the receipt number on receipts will vary depending on which store you’ve purchased products from. Sometimes they will be referred to as a ‘transaction’ number or ‘docket’ number rather than ‘receipt’ number.

For Woolworths receipts please enter the ‘TRANS’ number. This is located at the bottom of the receipt. For Coles please enter the ‘Receipt’ number which is located at the top of the receipt. Independent Supermarkets will vary depending on the store.

If in doubt please upload the image of your receipt for proof of purchase.

Can I enter the competition more than once?

Yes. You are allowed to enter as many times as you like as long as you’ve met the individual entry criteria each time.

For example if you purchase 4 products but in one transaction/on one receipt you’re only able to enter once. If you purchase these 4 products in two separate transactions (2 in one and 2 in another) you’re able to enter the competition twice.

When will the competition end?

The competition will end on the 27th of February at 11.59PM ACDT.

Do I need to enter in the barcode numbers of the products purchased on the entry form?

No. As you’re able to upload an image of your receipt showing the 2 Balfours products you purchased you do not have to enter the barcode numbers on the form.

I have more questions – who do I contact?

Please visit our terms and conditions page for further information about the competition.

If you have anymore questions please contact us via our enquiry form here.